Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my résumé professionally prepared?

There are some who believe a professionally prepared résumé is a waste of time. They think a professionally prepared résumé is artificially embellished with accomplishments that never took place making it impossible for a person to defend. Therefore, the argument states, it is better, and cheaper, to do it yourself. In reality, it is cheaper to “do it yourself,” but the results could be far less productive. For the most part, hiring managers and human resource professionals are conditioned to accept mediocre résumés as the norm, since most résumés are mediocre. Those that contain obvious mistakes in spelling and grammar are usually discarded immediately. Ordinarily, a hiring manager spends less than three minutes reviewing a résumé. It is the résumé that stands apart from the others that truly gets noticed and seriously reviewed. As for content, our writers do not place false accomplishments into any résumé. All content comes from, and is authorized by, our clients! However, there are certain things employers look for in résumés and a professional writing company knows what they are and capitalizes on them. This works to your advantage!

Why should I choose Galen Michaels & Associates to prepare my résumé?
All résumé preparation companies are NOT the same! An important difference that Galen Michaels & Associates enjoys is the passion our writers have toward our clientele and their career goals and aspirations. We care about you! We involve you in the process. After all, it is your résumé! Other résumé preparation companies talk about the importance of their clients, but leave a lot to be desired in how far they go to satisfy their needs. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are pleased and that their expectations are met.

How much does it cost for professional résumé preparation?

Prices vary depending on what you are looking for and the company you are dealing with. Galen Michaels & Associates pricing is competitive when compared to other counseling-oriented résumé preparation companies, ranging from $149 for students to $349 for executives.

Can I get my résumé professionally prepared for less money somewhere else?
Yes. There are literally hundreds of résumé writing services to be found on the Internet promoting various packages and incentives that entice potential clients to “sign on the dotted line.” However, be aware that you get what you pay for. Some marketing promises look great when you read them on a Web page, but delivery of those promises may yield totally different results. Your résumé is a living document that follows you throughout your career. You want it to represent your working history and accomplishments in the highest possible light. Our writers have all been where you are right now and they know how to craft your résumé to address your specific situation. No gimmicks… no tactics… just good work! We stand behind our products and we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied!

One résumé is all I need, right?

It depends. A résumé should be tailored for a specific position. If you are interested in different positions, you should develop different résumés for those positions. First of all, we prepare your résumé for an immediate job opportunity highlighting areas of strength and expertise for that position. From there, it is altered (slightly or otherwise) to align with other job opportunities as they arise, again highlighting areas of strength and expertise for those positions. Therefore, a résumé should be customizable as one size does NOT fit all!

What does it cost for you to review my existing résumé?

Nothing! We will examine your existing résumé based on our exclusive 12-point analysis free of charge and send you the results, usually within 24 hours. Our analysis is honest and straight-forward. As a result, we will make a recommendation as to how we feel you should proceed. If we feel you would not benefit from our services, we will tell you.

Will a writer work with me one-on-one?

Yes. Since we don’t use templates or cookie-cutter approaches to résumé design, it is extremely important that a one-on-one relationship be established between our clients and our writers. Many times an existing résumé does not contain information necessary to attract the attention of a hiring manager. Therefore, it becomes imperative a writer develops a relationship with the client to extract this vital information and produce a viable résumé.

How long will it take to get my résumé written?
That depends on you. We normally don’t make promises as to how long it will take to prepare a résumé. While we work independently as much as possible, our turnaround time hinges on your availability to provide information and for résumé review. We can produce a résumé in as little as 72 hours provided you are timely in responding to our writer’s request for information or review. In reality, we take the time necessary to produce a quality product.

How can I keep my résumé up-to-date as job situations change?
Jobs and circumstances change over time and your résumé needs to reflect these changes. If you wait too long in between refreshes, the chance of missing something important is increased. Galen Michaels & Associates archives your résumé and can easily retrieve it for refresh when the time comes. We work with you to update your career history and then make the necessary changes in your résumé.

How long after my résumé is written until I get a job offer?
This is a misconception a number of people have about résumé preparation companies. Some companies offer a guarantee that you will get an interview or even a job offer if you use their services. The truth is, no résumé preparation company can guarantee you will get an interview or a job as a result of using its services unless they are the ones hiring. Read their disclaimers very carefully. Normally, the remedy for no interview and/or no job offer is a free résumé rewrite, and many times you have to provide proof of résumé submissions. Galen Michaels & Associates cannot guarantee you will get a job or even an interview as a result of using our services. However, there is a high probability you will be contacted in some way as a result of submitting a résumé prepared by our company.

Is your résumé work warranted or guaranteed?
Yes. Our work is warranted for a period of 60 days after the final delivery date of your résumé. Every attempt is made by our writers to collect and portray accurate information on your résumé pertinent to your situation and career aspirations. If the résumé is proven to be defective due to poor workmanship on the part of our writers, we will rewrite it free of charge during the warranty period.

Do you offer career counseling services?
Galen Michaels & Associates offers top-notch résumé counseling and writing. We also provide action-oriented seminars in resume preparation, interviewing techniques, and networking to help our clients get the positions they desire. Beyond that, we provide referrals to licensed and accredited individuals and companies for further career coaching based on your specific situation. Please refer to our Library page for more information.