Here is what past clients have to say about our company!


"The resume you did for me landed a great job with a good company, and I am doing what I love to do!  I have had several calls from employers."

-Scott C., Continuous Improvement Manager - Davison, MI

"Beautiful!  Galen Michaels prepared my resume and did an awesome job!  If you know of anyone who is looking for a professionally prepared resume, I highly recommend this company!"
-Lyn I., Sales Professional - Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I was expecting a good product from Galen Michaels & Associates, but the resume I received was absolutely perfect!"
-David P., Retail Store Manager - Clearwater, FL  

"This is the ONLY company I trust with my resume! I've been selected for interviews right away and have experienced three career advancements in less than five years. Thank you, Galen Michaels!" 
-Don S., Director of Quality Assurance Testing - Metamora, MI

"This company pursues excellence and that is what makes them the number one choice in resume preparation. Simply said, they deliver superior results! I highly recommend Galen Michaels and Associates to anyone looking for a professional resume and cover letter."
-Michael S., Police Officer - Ortonville, MI 

"The facilitator began stabbing her finger at my resume and I saw the principal begin to read my resume, then put it down and walk away. She immediately returned with a form and I was called over and offered a second grade position! Instead of waiting until next week like everyone else, I was offered a position right then! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job writing my resume! I am amazed at how quickly I was offered a position!"
-Tammy D., Elementary School Teacher - Horn Lake, MS

"As far as I'm concerned, this company earned their wage as a result of the counseling I received before a resume draft was ever prepared!"
-Matt L., Operations Manager - Sterling Heights, MI

"I have used this organization and am quite satisfied with their work and outstanding customer service. As a seasoned employee, you will definitely see positive results from their work products. I highly recommend their services!"
-Sergio K., Global Internet Manager - McDonald, PA


"Thank you for the excellent work you did in preparing my biographical letter! You are a true professional. I now know who to call when I need help with my next project. Thanks again!"

-Robert A., Vice President of Member Experience - Grand Blanc, MI

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