Our Warranty

Our work is warranted for a period of 60 days after the final delivery date. Every attempt is made by our writers to collect and portray accurate information on your resume pertinent to your situation and career aspirations. If the resume is proven to be defective due to poor workmanship on the part of our writers, we will rewrite it free of charge during the warranty period.


The primary function of a resume is to get you in the door for an interview. What you do in the interview environment to obtain an offer is beyond our control. We cannot guarantee under any circumstances that you will get a job, receive a promotion, or be given an increase in pay as a result of using our services. However, we do assure that resumes prepared by our writers are of the highest quality and should normally result in some form of contact provided the circumstances are favorable (such as, resumes are submitted for positions that are solicited, current, and targeted to your career objective.) Regretfully, we cannot warrant a resume that has been delivered and then altered by a client or a client representative.

Issues Beyond the Resume

The inability to secure employment may extend beyond your resume. If you are having difficulty in your employment search, including the inability to obtain an interview despite dutiful efforts (which includes having a Galen Michaels & Associates writer prepare your resume,) we can help you by analyzing your situation, examining the steps you’ve taken thus far, and making referrals to career professionals who can further assist you in reaching your goals.