Our Resume Preparation Process


Getting your resume professionally written... now that's a SMART idea!

We provide personalized, professional resume review, analysis, and writing services to clients who are either not getting the results they desire with their current resumes, or who are not sure what kind of resume they need for their particular job search.

We understand there are literally hundreds of resume writing services to be found on the Internet, each promoting various packages and incentives to entice you. This is where Galen Michaels & Associates Professional Résumé Writers is very different. We don’t wish to entice you. We wish to help you resolve the issue that brought you to us in the first place through our ability to develop and deliver highly effective custom-built resumes tailored to your individual needs.

This is why we have an excellent reputation among our existing clients. Thank you for trusting us with one of your most valuable assets!

Stage 1 – Getting Started
If you have one, please send a copy of your most recent resume as an email attachment, to: info@galenmichaels.com. If you do not have an electronic copy, you may also scan your resume and submit that file to us through email. If you do not have a resume at all, or if it hasn’t been updated in a long time, no need to worry! After a transaction has been completed, we will send you a comprehensive resume preparation questionnaire to assist in accurately completing your new resume. This questionnaire and any existing resume you send us will be our frames of reference throughout the development process.

If you are not sure about the quality of your existing resume and would like to have it professionally reviewed, let us perform a Complimentary Resume Review and we will put it through our exclusive 14-point analysis and send you the results free of charge via email.

Stage 2 – Basic Resume Construction
We will begin the process of crafting your new resume based specifically on information provided in your existing resume and/or our comprehensive questionnaire. During the design process, we may develop a list of questions about your career objective, history, experiences, accomplishments, and/or other pertinent things. We may contact you by phone or email to discuss.

Stage 3 – Counseling
A few telephone calls may be scheduled with you. If scheduled, calls will average about 5-10 minutes per and will specifically attend to areas of concern, progress reviews, your career endeavors, and other areas of enlightenment all directed toward completing your resume with the highest level of quality. During our conversations, we will obtain answers to questions we’ve developed in the Basic Resume Construction stage. Our conversations with you will continue until we have all information necessary to complete a draft document.

Stage 4 – Draft Resume Completion
Based on answers you’ve provided during the Counseling stage, we will complete the first draft of your resume. We will send you the draft through email in Adobe PDF® format.

Stage 5 – Client Review & Approval
You will have a few days to review and approve your draft resume after receiving it. This is where the final touches occur. If it does not meet with your approval, additional contact will be initiated to discuss and attend to your areas of concern so that it can be completed to your absolute satisfaction.

Stage 6 – Final Delivery
Upon obtaining your approval, the final version of your resume will be stored in our database and emailed to you in both MS Word® or Adobe Acrobat® PDF formats.

Stage 7 – Follow Up
With our database storage feature, there is no need to worry about misplacing it or making changes to your resume as your career changes. When the time comes for revisions, simply contact us for a brief consultation and, for a small fee, we will refresh your resume and send you a new copy.