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I am an Executive

An executive is the embodiment of the company. Every corporate executive knows what it takes to get to the top—drive, determination, and dedication! Chief executive officers are among the highest paid and best-compensated employees in the working world. However, becoming one usually takes several years of hard work and a track record of proven success. Of course, a critical piece is matching your qualifications to the specific situation. This is where we can help you! 

I am a Seasoned Professional

The major differences between a professional and a seasoned professional are tenure on the job and level of experience. A seasoned professional is trusted and admired by his or her peers and is often looked to as a mentor for those new in the field. A seasoned professional knows what to do in any given situation and provides guidance to others based on his or her knowledge and skills. A seasoned professional is complimented by a steady progression of challenging assignments and a balanced escalation in responsibility.

I am a Professional

The professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications both in education and in demonstrated experience. He or she is a person who enjoys a theoretical and/or practical body of knowledge and expertise recognized and respected by academia, the market, and society as a whole. Because of this recognition, the professional benefits from advantages not available to other workers. People who are recognized as professionals possess a social standing which is larger than the specific job they maintain. Professionals present with integrity and passion their vision of reality so that they can motivate themselves and others toward the goal of solving problems. They are confident in themselves and in their abilities to perform in their chosen field with assurance and conviction.

I am a Skilled Tradesman or Laborer

Many people are workers in a “skilled trade,” which means they are manual workers (blue collar) who happen to be very skilled in a particular craft or trade. A person described as “skilled” demonstrates expertise with a specific skill or set of related skills. A laborer is a person doing unskilled manual work for wages.

I am a High School or College Student

Hopefully you are prepared to continue your education (since learning never ceases) in a new direction and with a renewed sense of importance. Your role is changing. Your options may be different depending on whether you are a high school or college graduate. It is time to experience the earning potential your new degree or diploma affords. We can help you with an important first step. Chances are you do not have a resume and have not needed one… until now. You are not sure what information goes into a resume, or how long it should be, or what details are needed. We can take care of these things for you.

I am Totally Lost as to What I Need

Career decisions confront people everyday. Many times things happen to us that advance our careers in the direction we want them to go. Sometimes we see things coming that may have an adverse impact on our careers, but we are given time to react. Then, there are times when we are blind-sided by things happening at work or in the economy that negatively affect our careers in ways we never saw coming or anticipated. This is when you need to act quickly and proactively. But, what if you are not prepared? We can help you!

Maybe you’ve been with the same employer for a long time and are suddenly faced with a corporate downsizing or forced reduction. Maybe your company has merged with another and you find yourself having to interview for your job all over again. Perhaps a new manager has been put into place with a personality that simply does not gel with yours. Any of these circumstances, and others, can affect your career in a negative way. It pays to be prepared and we can help you!

You might be a “suddenly single” mom who is now faced with having to get a job to support your children or a dad who has a burning desire to change careers into something you would much rather be doing. The good news is, you can… and we can help you!  Call us to discuss your situation and we will recommend a course of action!

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